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      <page ns="0" title="Personal Genome Project" missing="" />
      <page ns="0" title="데이터 제공 정책 및 이용 정책" missing="" />
      <page ns="0" title="데이터 제공 현황" missing="" />
      <page pageid="24666" ns="0" title="Kt uCLOUD + PGI" touched="2015-10-27T12:20:47Z" lastrevid="45647" counter="15222" length="10596" />
      <page pageid="24662" ns="0" title="외국인" touched="2018-01-29T07:28:59Z" lastrevid="45649" counter="14714" length="2888" />
      <page pageid="24665" ns="0" title="이란성 쌍둥이" touched="2015-10-27T12:20:19Z" lastrevid="45646" counter="13428" length="2782" />
      <page pageid="24664" ns="0" title="일란성 쌍둥이" touched="2015-10-27T12:19:52Z" lastrevid="45645" counter="13517" length="2986" />
      <page pageid="24661" ns="0" title="한국인" touched="2020-02-18T02:32:33Z" lastrevid="45654" counter="37226" length="53883" />
      <page pageid="24663" ns="0" title="혼혈" touched="2015-10-27T12:19:27Z" lastrevid="45644" counter="14976" length="2057" />
      <page pageid="24667" ns="0" title="희귀질환" touched="2015-10-27T12:18:55Z" lastrevid="45643" counter="9150" length="2487" />